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Hello Fellow Realtors.

I have the honor to exclusively present you with the opportunity for your clients to build and own an unconventional yet truly remarkable architectural masterpiece.

The “unconventional” part is that the home was designed without a specific client or location in mind.  This does give it a great deal of flexibility with regards to the final square footage (for example 5000-12,000 sqft) and bed/bath count.

The “remarkable” part is for multiple reasons:


1.  Design – I guarantee you have never seen anything like this home before.

It is guaranteed to receive worldwide acclaim.


2.  Sustainable – This home is completely sustainable and therefore can be

built ON or OFF GRID.  Powered by wind, sun and water.


3.  Dream Team – The architects, engineers, and builders already committed

(but not required) are second-to-none.


Project cost is estimated to be between $3-10M (the variance has to do with the final size of the home).

Please call or email me with your questions and to set-up a conference call with the architect.
Please feel free to forward to your clients all over the world.
Thanks for your interest and support!

With Gratitude,
Ryan​ & Todd


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