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The House of the Future​​

GG Magazine, Inken Becker & Saskia Herrmann - Editors, Uta Abendroth - Text,  March, April & May 2017 Sustainability Issue

​A ​home that creates just as much energy as it consumes – ​that’s the ideal scenario at the heart of contemporary sustainable architecture. For years now, climate change and rising energy costs have been dominant factors influencing the way in which we design our homes – with approaches ranging from the conventional to the far less conventional. The American Todd Fix, from FIXd Architecture/Design in Boston, together with project manager Ryan Ole Hass, has worked with engineers across all disciplines to come up with a concept for a luxurious zero-energy house that in visual terms goes far beyond anything we’ve seen before. The concept behind Mo Ventus revolves around the fact that it can exist fully independently of the electricity grid, generating wind and solar energy for private use and storing excess energy in hydrogen and fuel cells for later use.

Mõ Ventus House​​

​l'Arca International, Cover & Feature Article,  April 2014 Special Edition "In & Out"

This unconventional project envisions a high-end zero-net-site-energy house and studio, not bound by geography, climate or access to a power grid and can be built literally anywhere. Mõ Ventus was designed without a client in mind, and therefore features an inherent flexibility and 60% customization potential. On account of the floor plan's linear configuration of bedrooms along the top edge, the footprint of the residence can range between 500-1,200 meters square depending on the owner's desires and building site conditions. This private residence has four definitive characteristics and aspirations:1) The first pertains to Mõ or Mõtus (Mõ; Mõtus - moving, movement, motion): The real-time external transformation of the main living area and home-office/studio through the shape shifting movement of large composite retractable screens and insulated shells that allow for the micro-management of day-lighting, heat gain, openness, and privacy.

Exploring FIXd's Shapeshifting, Wildly Futuristic 'Mo Ventus'

​Curbed National, Rob Bear, Features Editor  April 05 2013

This swooping conception, called Mo Ventus, is designed to be a luxury mansion that also happens to be zero-energy and built with sustainable technology. With integrated wind turbines, photovoltaic arrays, and fuel cells, the insanely ultramodern house—which almost puts Zaha Hadid's white spaceship in Russia to shame—could be constructed pretty much anywhere in the world, and on sites that would stymie traditional builders. Architect Todd Fix should know: also an architect at the prolific and very traditional New England firm Royal Barry Wills, he's seen the project that began as a small experimental design evolve into the mindboggling renderings shown above. Now Fix and project manager Ryan Ole Hass are hot on the hunt for—well, you know, an actual buyer. Throughout the process, they've sought advice from builders and engineers around the world and, as Hass describes it, "the...

FIXd architecture: mo ventus, wind house of the future

​Designboom Editorial Staff  April 01 2013

Deriving from the latin word 'motus' meaning movement and 'ventus' referring to the wind, the 'mo ventus' house designed by tod theodore fix of FIXd architecture employs these two ideas to create the self-sustainable house of the future that offers a zero carbon footprint within a luxury transformable home that can be built anywhere in the world.....

UNBELIEVABLE! Green Architecture: Shapeshifting 'Mo Ventus' House Is Everything We Hoped The Future Would Be

​Huffington Post Arts & Culture Editorial Staff  March 28 2013

Mo Ventus, a zero-energy home that transforms to fit the desires of its residents, puts our wildest futuristic daydreams to shame.

The shapeshifting home, designed by Todd Theodore Fix of FIXd Architecture/Design, is revolutionary...The luxury home is built with a transformative shell and a series of retractable screens, so the home can change shape depending on privacy needs and weather conditions. No longer will owners be forced to open or....

Shifting Shapes, Architects behind concept for a continually shifting home seek funding for realisation

​World Architecture News, Sian Disson, News Editor  March 19 2013

....At the core of this bold design is a highly-flexible and transformative shell where the walls of the main living room and home-office can be shifted throughout the day to cater to the needs of residents. The wall panels are large composite retractable screens and insulated shells which ride on tracks so that the interiors can be flooded with light through open glass, dappled with shade through patterned screens, or bathed in shadow

when the opaque walls are in position.

These walls also support another key component of this house - its sustainability factor. The screens allow for the micro-management of day-lighting and heat gain while the basic architectural design looks to exploit....

FIXd Architecture/Design Transformative Zero Energy House Brings Technology of the Future to the Present
Marketwire  February 2013

BOSTON, MA and BEVERLY HILLS, CA and BANGKOK, THAILAND--(Marketwire - Feb 12, 2013) - Zero energy home "Mõ Ventus" is introduced to global luxury real estate market. Imagine a luxury zero energy home that could be located anywhere on the planet that literally transforms in real-time to the needs and desires of those who live there. Imagine even further that this home offered beautiful 180 degree views of nature, an outdoor amphitheater, beach access via tube slide and a breathtaking home office/studio, among many other luxury features. This is not fantasy, thanks to Todd Theodore Fix of FIXd Architecture/Design, designer of Mõ Ventus. This uniquely sustainable home utilizes both wind and sun as energy sources and has many great built-in features to effectively capture and store energy for later use......

This Week in Tech: A House That Dresses for the Weather​​

​Architect, The Journal of the American Institute of Architecture, Editorial Staff, August 7 2015

We round up the latest in architectural materials and technology news from around the Web.  Boston- and Bangkok–based architectural designer Todd Fix wanted a structure that could change with the seasons. The result is Motus, a concept house featuring a dynamic envelope whose composition can be automatically or manually adjusted based out outdoor conditions and occupant preference; for example, glazing could be covered screens or an additional insulated shell could slide in, all on linear tracks. Solar panels power the house while a micro-climate pool under it provides cooling. With an estimated construction cost of up to $5 million, however, its more likely that the project will be used to inform other envelope designs than come to fruition itself.

Transformable Motus House changes with the weather

​Inhabitat, Lidija Grozdanic, August 9 2015

This high-tech house can be transformed to adjust to different environmental conditions and local weather patterns. By sliding in and out, specific parts of the house provide shading, additional insulation and protect the interior spaces from harsh weather, or can be opened to let the sunshine in. Called the Motus, this concept design features solar panels powering the movable parts that automatically open and close and an evaporation pool to keep the home cool in the summer heat. The Motus house includes several high-tech features meant to provide an environment that changes over time depending on the needs of the local weather. By not using thick, static walls, ceilings and floors, the home can adapt, in order to make it as efficient as possible.

Climate Strange: Mõ Ventus House Shifts With Weather

​Haute Residence, Keith Flamer, August 14, 2015

Most homeowners enhance curb appeal by transforming the surrounding environment—lush landscaping, shade screens, solar panels, perhaps even a fresh coat of paint. A new Mõ Ventus concept turns that theory inside out with a flexible house that conforms to its outside environment. Designed by architect Todd Fix of Fixd Architecture Design, the high-concept home is so imaginative, it could pass for a Star Wars movie soundstage.


Mõ Ventus House boasts a futuristic design, sustainable materials, and an advanced structural system that allow the house to adjust to environmental conditions and weather patterns. The structure is an architecturally unique, zero-energy luxury home not bound by geography, climate, or access to a power grid. It can be built anywhere in the world.

This Shape-Shifting, Zero-Energy House Is Dressed for the Weather

​Custom Home, Editorial Staff, August 11, 2015

The Motus is a net-zero energy, passive home that reacts to its changing environment—as the weather heats up, a screen and shell emerge and wrap around the all-glass home to cool it down.  "It provides this flexible control over heat gain from sunlight," says architect Todd Fix, who compares the screen and shell to extra layers of clothes you can put on or take off. "So if it's a cold day, the sensor will sense that, and it will close both to keep the heat inside. If you want more light in the space, you can open up the screen or open up the shell."

The house can run off the grid with solar panels, which also power the screens, and a "microclimate pool" to cool the house by evaporation. While the architects do not yet have a location in mind for this conceptual design, they envision the home built on a site that allows the glazed structure to capture views of nature. 

This Shape-Shifting, Zero-Energy House Transforms In Tune With The Weather

​Fast Company, Co.Exist, Adele Peters, August 5, 2015

On a hot day, instead of cranking up the air conditioning, this house transforms: A screen and shell move out to wrap around the entire home, shading everything so it cools down.

"It provides this flexible control over heat gain from sunlight," says architect Todd Fix, who compares the screen and shell to extra layers of clothes you can put on or take off. "So if it's a cold day, the sensor will sense that, and it will close both to keep the heat inside. If you want more light in the space, you can open up the screen or open up the shell."


It's a way to create a passive, zero-energy home without the typical passive house design. "The living area is all glass, from the walls and ceiling to the floors," Fix says. "This opens up a house. Instead of having really thick, insulated walls that are opaque, so you can't see out or see in, it kind of opens you up to the environment."

Luxury of Nature

​Gulf Connoisseur, page 98-101, Editorial Staff, Summer 2013

The US-based company, FIXd Architecture/Design, offers to build unique transformative zero-net-site-energy luxury residences for developers or private individuals. We hear from Todd Theodore Fix of FIXd Architecture/Design and Ryan Ole Hass of Nourmand & Associates, who represents them, about the Mo Ventus concept.


Imagine a luxury zero-energy home that could be customised and located anywhere on the planet, literally transforming in real-time to the needs and desires of those who wish to live there.  And, wouldn't you like it if this home offered beautiful 180 degree views of nature, an outdoor amphitheatre, beach access via a tube-slide and a breathtaking home office/studio, amoung other luxury features!


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